3D Sex Villa Review

This review is a bit out of the ordinary (and a tad long to boot, scroll down to the bottom if you want some screenshots rather than just large blocks of text), and so is the product at hand, which is also why the contents of the info box on the left is a bit different from the usual photo/video stuff. 3D Sex Villa is a virtual sex game or simulator, placing… Read More

Titanime Review

Very large collection of downloadable hentai movies, everything from Angel Blade, Bible Black and Discipline to Marine A GoGo, Taboo Charming Mother and many others. The collection is even more impressive when you factor in the two additional specialized hentai movie sites (lesbian and bondage) also included in the price (although some movies do appear on at least two sites, probably because they cover several themes) HentaiKey is a pretty mean competitor… Read More

Comixxx Archive Review

Another quick review update of Comixxx Archive before my most recent membership expires. I already mentioned the redesigned interface last year, so this time I really only have two things to bring up – the first is that the collection of adult comics has, as you would expect, grown since last time, now weighing in at nearly 3,400 comics, or more than 121,000 pages. The second is that the site network you… Read More

Bondanime Review

If you’re after the more extreme and bizarre (in some cases very bizarre) hentai videos, the third site in this small hentai DVD network (well, small in terms of sites, they certainly aren’t lacking in content) should provide you with many hours of video entertainment. This is the stuff that sometimes (but entirely unjustified in my opinion, this is strictly fantasy afterall) gives hentai a bad name. Extreme bondage, tentacle porn, violence,… Read More


Where Titanime covers a broad range of hentai subcategories and Bondanime delivers the most extreme and rough hentai videos, Lestai gives you nearly 150 hentai DVDs with one or more lesbian scenes. There is some crossover between the three sites, probably because you’ll be hard pressed to find a hentai DVD covering solely lesbian toon sex, but based on my sample comparisons (didn’t feel like cross checking for more than a hundred… Read More

Hentai Key Review

With a huge amount of downloadable hentai DVDs, scanned hentai and Western style (US/Europe) erotic comic books with a reported total of no less than 3,000 Gigabyte of content, there’s little doubt that HentaiKey is pretty much paradise for fans of hentai and toon porn. There’s enough content to keep visitors entertained for months on end – 24/7. Given the nature of an AEN network there are many inconsistensies in design and… Read More